Socio-Behavioral Section

The socio-behavioral section of IAGG-ER is the section of our organization that originally brought together social and behavioral scientists working on old age and aging-related issues. As scholars from the humanities become interested in aging and old age, they too have joined our section. Themes such as intra-individual development over the life course, diversity and inequality (e.g. SES, gender, ethnicity/ race), media representations of aging/ old age, societal participation and volunteering, social integration and loneliness, functional health and care, income and wealth, neighborhood, housing, long-term care institutions and social policies, are all examples of the kind of issues that scholars participating in the activities organized in this section focus on. In other words, the socio-behavioral section of IAGG-ER brings together sociologists, psychologists, public health scientists, social policy, scholars in the humanities, social workers, anthropologists, and economists to mention but a few. Researchers focusing on social, cultural and behavioral aspects of aging, old age and care for older people – as well as policy makers and practitioners working on these areas – usually attend the sessions that this section organizes as part of the IAGG-ER congresses.

Prof. Sandra Torres


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