Biological Section

Understanding and unravelling the biological mechanisms of ageing with the ultimate aim of achieving healthy old age. The focus is on efforts to understand, prevent, cure or minimize age-related impairments, and extend health-span. Biological section encourages new ideas and discussions on modulating the ageing process by physical, chemical and biological means, including transgenic and knockout organisms; cell culture systems to develop new approaches and health care products for maintaining or recovering the lost biochemical functions; immunology, autoimmunity and infection in ageing; vertebrates, invertebrates, micro-organisms and plants for experimental studies on genetic determinants of ageing and longevity; and biodemography and theoretical models linking ageing and survival kinetics. Biological section also organises or co-organise every second year the European Congress of Biogerontology in an IAGG-ER associated country.

Prof. Suresh Rattan

Prof. Andreas Simms



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