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Vho is a small village near the town of Tortona and is situated on in the hills of the Ligurian Appennines and has, in a wonderful panoramic position. It has an ancient historical tradition and was the place of a settlement for early Romanians populations.
The economy of the village was formerly  agriculture. Since 1880 Vho has been the seat of an important ‘Friendly Society’ (Società di Mutuo Soccorso-S.O.M.S), which is still active today and is an important meeting point for the villagers.


The Vho Carnival, which takes place on Fat Tuesday, is considered in some historical documents as one of the most ancient in the Tortona area. The first notes of this important celebration in the village date back to the beginning of the 18th century, as the small community was ruled by the Zenone Family, Lords of Castelceriolo, and the area was affected by frequent famines.

Vho carnival takes place on Fat Tuesday and according to some historical papers is considered to be the oldest in Tortona and surrounding areas. The earliest note of this important celebration dates to the beginning to the 18th century. The small community was ruled by the Zonone family, Lords of Castelceriolo, the area was frequently affected by famine.

Local population used to meet on Fat Tuesday, each one offering harvest products, food and wine. This feast was regularly allowed by the Lords of the village.
The locals used to meet on Fat Tuesday, with everyone bringing harvested food and wine. The Lords of the village granted permission for this banquet.

As time passed by, its fame became greater: besides the villagers, also a number of people from the Tortona area began to take part in the feast.

Over the years its popularity grew and a large number of people from Tortona and surroundings areas joined the locals in the banquet.

A further evolution took place at the beginning of the 19th century, as the small banket turned into the Vho Carnival, whose tradition is still preserved.
At the beginning of the 19th century this small banquet turned into the Vho Carnival, whose traditions are still preserved today.

A contribution to the Carnival was granted by the priest, who offered anchovies and by local families, who brought the copper pots for cooking polenta.

Contributions came from the priest who offered  anchovies and local families provided the copper pots for cooking polenta.

The feast  banquet lasted the whole day. Each one Everyone received polenta, cooked sausages, seasonal fruits and local wine. Celebrations ended in the evening, as the small group of workers dined together with leftover food and wine.

The Vho Carnival in the past

Since 1880 with the establishment of the Vho Friendly Society (SOMS), the Carnival has been organized by the  its members and ’ families and reached a great  famehas gained popularity.

The tradition of the Vho Carnival has never been interrupted, not even during the 2 World Wars, and was is still maintained until today.

The Vho Carnival today

In the last years the fame of Vho Carnival has kept growing. Over 1000 visitors attended the last editions.
Over the years the carnival has been growing in popularity with over 1000 visitors at the last event.


The Feast of the Saint Patron takes place on 15th August. Celebrations begin with the Saint Mess in the Church of San Salvatore, followed by an evening procession with torches in the streets of the village, and end with a dancing night at the sommer seat of the S.O.M.S.

The feast of the Patron Saint takes place on the 15th August, celebrations begin with a mass in San Salvatore church, followed by an evening procession with torches in the streets around the village and ends with dancing well into the night at the summer venue of S.O.M.S.


This event has a tradition of over one hundred years and originally celebrated the grape harvest. In this occasion all the villagers offered wine and grape.
The Grape Feast, which has always been known in the whole Tortona area, has kept growing and is attended by hundreds of visitors, searching for typical products and good traditional food.

This event has been a tradition for over one hundred years and originally celebrated the grape harvest. All the villagers would bring wine and grapes for the party. The party is well known around Tortona and has steadily been growing over the years and is attended by hundreds of visitors looking for local products and good traditional food.


The S.O.M.S. Vhoese was founded on April 25th 1880. Its Statute is initially based - as for all the other Mutual Aid Workers' Societies - on mutuality, solidarity among workers and management of social funds. In recent times the S.O.M.S. Vhoese - as well as the other Mutual Aid Societies - has lost its original function and has assumed the role of a recreational and cultural association that organizes members' leisure time, mainly dealing with the management of social assets.

Via Maestra, 15
15057 Vho di Tortona (Alessandria) - Italy
E-mail somsvhoese@tiscali.it


Motorways A7 and A21.
Exit at Tortona. Follow the indications to the centre of the town. After the bridge on the river keep the right and go below the overpass. Keep straight on and after passing two roundabouts turn right in Piazza Roma. After passing the Hospital turn left following the road indication to Vho.
Exit at Tortona, follow the signs to the town centre. After the bridge keep to the right and go under the overpass. Go straight on for the next two roundabouts and then turn right into Piazza Roma, pass the hospital and turn left following the road signs to Vho.
Vho is located 30 minutes from Milan, 45 minutes from Genova and 60 minutes from Turin.